Green Hotel In Kyiv

Why is City Park Hotel Kyiv a green hotel?

Environmentally friendly or "green" hotels are not only cost effective for the proprietor, but also go some way towards saving the world’s resources, whilst allowing their guests to play a small part in helping the environment. Many guests will choose green hotels specifically for their focus on environmental responsibility – be it saving energy and water, recycling, or making sure that they use as little natural resources as possible. It is clear to both the hotels and their guests that even these small steps can make a huge difference to the overall impact made on the environment.

It is interesting to see how many people who consider themselves to be aware of the changes in the environment and who generally make an effort with regards to recycling and conservation, seem to lose all sense of social responsibility when traveling abroad. This is often due to the fact that these customers expect for there to be a huge amount of waste in hotels: it doesn't have to be that way. At City Park Hotel Kyiv we believe in saving both natural and un-natural resources of the world.

City Park Hotel Kyiv guests are invited to experience the quiet atmosphere of the ancient city and park whilst enjoying the benefits of a modern metropolis. All 23 rooms have been especially planned to incorporate comfort, luxury and technology, bearing in mind that our guests may be here for business, pleasure or both. The interior has been cleverly designed from natural or recycled materials in order to ensure that we uphold our corporate social responsibility. Guests enjoy the best quality cotton linens and towels, comfortable furniture, modern utilities and even flexible lighting options allowing them to save power and create the required atmosphere.

City Park Hotel Kyiv is widely regarded as one of the best European style hotels in Ukraine and every little detail has been taken into account to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met. We give individual attention to each and every guest.

10 important ways that City Park Hotel Kyiv stays environmentally friendly:
  1. Low-pressure showerheads and sink aerators
  2. Low-flow toilets and toilet-tank fill diverters
  3. LED light bulbs in guestrooms, lobbies, and hallways, and special sensors for areas that are used infrequently.
  4. Staff who are regularly trained to turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied, and always use special recycle baskets for all materials to be recycled such as: newspaper, white paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic
  5. Only non-toxic cleaning agents, sanitizers and paints are used throughout the hotel
  6. Information on public transportation and free walking maps provided to guests to save on our guests’ carbon footprint
  7. Only reusable items such as glass cups and ceramic dishes with all food and beverage services (including in-room services)
  8. The hotel has been planned so that the lobby, bar and restaurant benefit from natural day light for as much of the day as possible.
  9. Most effective air conditioning units are used with special electric package terminals for optimum efficiency
  10. Completely NON SMOKING hotel.
We hope to welcome you to the "green" City Park Hotel Kyiv and look forward to making you feel as environmentally friendly as possible.